Initial Questionnaire - Tokenise is a trading name of Kession Capital Limited which is a sponsor firm to the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange. If you want to apply for a listing then please fill out the questionnaire below. * fields required
What is your name and email address? *

Do you have a registered entity? If so, please provide evidence i.e. company registration details. *

Can you explain your concept in a short paragraph? If so, please do so in the space provided. *

Will your project be the tokenisation of real world assets or will it be a completely new use case for blockchain technology? *

Do you currently have a Whitepaper? *

If yes, please provide a copy of your Whitepaper.

How long have you been working on this project? *

How far along are you with the technology? *

Do you have a minimum viable product (MVP)?

Do the owners of the project have any other existing entities? If so, please state. *

Have you previously tried to raise funds? If so, please provide details of the results. *

Is your token a utility token? If so, please provide details. *

What are the full legal names of the core team? If possible, please provide LinkedIn profiles and other social media account links. *

Are you aware that full disclosure of company controllers is a must? *

Do you have a website? if so, please provide a link.

Do you have a social media presence? If so, please provide all links. *

Thank you for completing the questionnaire. This will be reviewed by our team who will be in touch shortly with a response.
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